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West Wimbledon Primary School

Literature Wishlist

At WWPS we strive to foster a love of reading and a passion for books! In order to get children excited about and enjoying books from a wide range of genres and authors, it is important to keep our book corners and libraries current and fresh. New and exciting books are being published all the time and our children are always keen to get stuck into new releases! With this in mind, we have set up 2 Amazon Wishlists. The first is for phase 1 (year 1-3) and the second is for phase 2 (year 3-6). If you would like, and are able, to donate a book to the school, please click on the links below. Once you have added a book to your basket, it should give you the option of sending this to the school as a gift. Please ensure you complete the gift note so that we know who has kindly bought the book.


Phase 1

Phase 2