Along with weekly homework, there are lots of fun and interesting ways to support children’s learning at home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Cooking - weighing, measuring using scales, safety precautions, steps in making a simple snack, cutlery skills
  • Shopping - finding items that total an amount, finding items that weigh a certain amount, checking change given, making a list
  • Nature walks
  • Shared reading - books, magazines, recipe books
  • Museum visits
  • Pavement chalk - spelling, phonics, maths
  • Visiting leisure activities - Swimming pool, climbing walls, trampoline centres
  • Using public transport - working out the route to your destination, following a map


Useful Downloads:

Shared reading tips


Useful links :

Your child will have a login at the in their communication book


Educational video and activities.


Your child will have a login at the front of their communication book.


Videos of read children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.


Children’s coding programme. We use it at school, your child can continue to build projects at home too.



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