Our Classes

Our Classes – From September 2020


Main School

Nursery Wren Miss Magday
Reception Robin Ms Taylor 
Reception Sparrow Miss Linnell
Year 1 Mandarin Duck Miss Jackson
Year 1 Tufted Duck Ms Vernaschi
Year 2 Hummingbird Mrs Peatey
Year 2 Redwing Mrs Sin
Year 3 Chaffinch Mrs Hunt
Year 3 Greenfinch Mrs Musiqi
Year 4 Goldcrest Mr Smith
Year 4 Firecrest Miss Drake
Year 5 Kestrel Mrs McIntyre-Lally
Year 5 Eagle Ms Callick
Year 6 Flamingo Miss Elliott
Year 6 Stork Miss Olukoya
Year 6 Heron Miss Walmsley



Kingfisher Miss Lea
Starling Miss Macdonald


Miss Pinnock
Pelican Miss Wise



School Houses


Houses are vertical pastroral groups within the school, and are linked to sports representation, charitable days and school behaviour rewards. The Houses are :

Donaldson House
Walliams House
Rowling House
Zephaniah House


All the children are put into a House when they join Reception classes.  We take care to ensure that siblings are in the same House and that each House is representative of the School population as a whole.


House tokens are given to children for being role models in following the school rules and exhibiting exceptional behaviour . All staff members are able to give house points to the children. At the end of each half term the winning House is treated to a extra playtime.

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