Supporting the School

Our parents support the School in so many different ways. Those different types of help and support – and how you might be able to volunteer and do more – if you would like to, may be found by in the booklet below.

Supporting the School

This year, in common with many other schools, we considered the idea of suggesting to those families who were interested in making smaller regular donations, rather than a one-off contribution to the School fund, the possibility of supporting the School, through a Direct Debit.

However, in investigating how those Direct Debit payments might be processed, we learnt that banks take 32p per transaction: which would severely dilute the impact of parents’ generosity. Therefore, we are now advising the use of Standing Orders, for those families which are interested in making a regular contribution. A Standing Order mandate, with the School details already completed is available.

Many thanks, in advance, for those families which choose that route to support the School.

West Wimbledon Primary School now has its own page on the easyfundraising website. This allows parents and friends to continue to use many of their favourite on-line retailers, but through this method you are redirected via the easyfunding website. When this happens, those companies with whom you shop, then make a donation to the School. Items cost exactly the same, to you, as buying them directly.

The number of participating retailers, is huge at over 3,200. A full list may be found here.

More details about the three different ways you can ensure that donations are made may be found here.