Our staff is very talented, highly qualified and professional. Staff demonstrate the utmost care for the children in our school and the development and progress of each and every child. Each year, the School runs separate surveys to garner the views of staff, parents and pupils.

Every member of staff is dedicated to children’s well-being and success. Each works hard to foster a personalised learning environment for every child in our School. In addition to daytime education, staff provide numerous clubs and extra-curricular activities for the children so that children’s horizons are widened, their perceptions challenged and each child’s friendships with other children are deepened.

We have over 70 colleagues working in our school. This includes the Senior Leadership Team, teachers, Teaching Assistants working both in and out of the classroom, support staff for admin, finance, site and extended childcare provision. However, whatever their role, every member of the West Wimbledon team, is focused on the learning, personal, social and emotional needs of every child in our school.