Headteacher’s Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to West Wimbledon Primary School’s website. This is the fourth year I have had the immense privilege of leading this wonderful School: as I often say to the children, I really do have the best job in the world.

As is the very nature of life in any modern school, this is going to be an important academic year, as the School continues on its journey to provide the best possible education for its children. For those families already working in partnership with the School, you already know how good this School is, and we strive continually to justify that faith and to show how even more remarkable it has the potential to be.

The focus of our combined efforts this year must remain the same: to secure continuous improvement, and to ensure that every child achieves the very best of which s/he is capable and to do so hopefully in an external climate not quite so fraught with the changes, uncertainty and political intervention we have seen over the last few years.

We start this year, fully staffed with permanent colleagues, with a hugely supportive and skilled Governing Body and a budget that should allow us to support our drive for high quality education.

Two years ago, we did some preliminary work on revisiting the School’s vision but this was shelved, with the previous administration’s sudden “All schools to become academies” notion. Thankfully, with that now behind us, I would like us to resume that work with staff, Governors, parents and children.

Please navigate around this site to discover what makes us so popular with local families, and also to stay informed of the range of developments the School is undertaking. Should you wish to see more, and would like to come to visit to see what makes West Wimbledon Primary special for yourself, please do contact the School’s office on 020 8946 1620 to arrange a time to come in.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to West Wimbledon in person, and demonstrating our commitment to providing local children with the highest quality of education, and the best possible start in their educational careers.

With very best wishes,

Simon Harris