Extending more able learners

West Wimbledon Primary School is committed to ensuring that every child makes the greatest amounts of progress and achieves everything of which s/he is capable.

To that end, we focus on the needs of children who are more able, just as we provide additional support for those children who require that to access fully the curriculum and the level of work we demand of them.

Our priorities are:

  • To ensure that lesson plans provide appropriate opportunities for more able learners, in the form of extension and challenge activities. To support teachers in their planning and setting up of ‘challenge’ areas.
  • To continue to evaluate and purchase relevant resources to ensure all staff have access to the materials they need to extend and challenge more able learners.
  • To raise the expectations of staff in relation to the potential of Pupil Premium children.
  • To continue to use tracking data to assess the progress of more able learners who are working above ‘age-related expectations’ at the end of Key Stage 1.
  • To support teachers in researching and planning successful trips / workshops / assemblies to extend and challenge more able pupils.

More able children in Year 6 are able to attend a bespoke Latin  and Maths course, which is being taught by subject specialists from Wimbledon High School. These are extra-curricular classes, taking place at the end of the school day.